Is It Time for Home Care?

Is it time for in Home Care

Is it time for for Home Care? Aging is a natural part of the human life cycle, but it can be far from predictable. For some patients, staying home and caring for themselves is possible for their entire lives. Others experience a gradual or sudden decline in mobility, mental status, and overall physical and emotional health. It is hard to know what will happen to a loved one as they start aging. The process can happen so slowly that it is hard to know whether or not your loved one needs assistance. Today, we will look at how to determine when it might be time to consider in home health care.

Non Medical In Home Health Care

For many seniors, it is not health issues that create the need for someone to help take care of them. Instead, it is mobility problems or problems associated with the tasks of daily living. Many patients with arthritis, dementia and even some patients in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s need the help. A companion or aide to assist with things such as cooking, bathing, and household chores but do not require a medical professional.

In Home Nurses and Respite Workers

For some patients who have medical needs, such as the need for intravenous medications, regular injections, or assistance with respiratory aids, an in-home medical practitioner can provide an excellent alternative to nursing homes and other facilities located outside the home. Many seniors prefer to age in place, and when medical needs are not intensive, in-home health care providers can enable them to stay in the home much longer. For some patients, respite and hospice care can be provided in their home even in the later stages of illnesses such as cancer.

How to Know If Help Is Needed

As the family member of an aging person, it is common to feel responsible for caring for your loved one. It is important to note, however, that we all need help sometimes. In-home health care can be as simple as hiring someone to come over a couple of times a week so that you can have a break while knowing that your loved one is provided for or as complex as having a nurse in your loved one’s home around the clock. If you are starting to feel burned out or if your loved one requires more care than you are able to provide, it is important to take the time to check your insurance coverage and to start considering some form of in-home health care. A resource like QC Home Care Solutions can help you learn more about in-home care and can help you find a provider near you.