Connecticut Adult Day Care

About Connecticut Adult Day Care

Adult day care is an essential service for many seniors and caregivers, as it offers benefits to both parties. For caregivers, adult day care services provide a safe and caring environment into which they can drop off their loved ones for the day, knowing that they will be happy and well looked after. Caregivers then have the opportunity to continue working at a regular job, run the many errands that come with being a full-time caregiver, or just take some time for self-care.

Seniors who enter into adult day care are provided with a place to socialize with their peers where they are able to receive the help that they may need with basic tasks. There are often many activities to choose from and even planned outings as entertainment. There are even specialized adult day care facilities that focus on providing care for seniors who require more intense supervision and nursing care. Many of these facilities offer things like memory care services or stroke care services.

If you are a caregiver looking into adult day care services in the local area for your loved one, The New London CT Eldercare Channel is pleased to offer some assistance. You will find our video host Christine Baker has provided a directory listing of local area providers of adult day care as well as various articles with advice on choosing the right day care facility for your senior. You will also find that we have articles and directories with information on many other topics that may be of interest to you, and we invite you to check them out.