Connecticut Eldercare Consultants

About Connecticut Eldercare Consultants

Connecticut eldercare consultants are professionals who provide services to local seniors and their families who may not know where to begin looking for care or what their own needs are. Connecticut eldercare consultants can include people working in real estate, insurance, law, finance, and social services. Many seniors find that at some point or another, they will need the services of an eldercare consultant. Eldercare consultants can be:

  • Geriatric care managers
  • Insurance professionals
  • Real estate agents
  • Financial advisers
  • Elder law attorneys
  • Estate planning attorneys

Attorneys are great for helping seniors draft wills, distribute their assets after death, or even deal with darker legal issues like elder abuse and fraud. Real estate agents can help those who wish to downsize to a retirement home sell their homes and make the transition to a new community. Financial advisors are great for helping seniors plan for and manage their money while in retirement. There are numerous ways that eldercare consultants can be of use to a majority of seniors.

If you’re looking for local Connecticut eldercare consultants, please see the directory that we have listed below. Christine Baker and QC Homecare are the Video Hosts for The New London Eldercare Channel and they work very hard to provide seniors with the resources that they need, and we have many directories of local services to help you out. You will also find that our website posts many informative articles dealing with issues and topics that are important to seniors and caregivers.