Connecticut Nursing Homes

About Connecticut Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are another type of residential facility for seniors, but unlike assisted living and other kinds of retirement homes, a nursing home provides full-time skilled nursing care and supervision for their residents. This type of facility is best for seniors who require more than a little assistance with everyday tasks, who cannot be left unsupervised for any significant amount of time, or who have health needs that require full time nursing care.

The decision to enter into nursing home care can be extremely difficult for seniors and their loved ones, but over the years, these types of facilities have slowly been improving in the level of care and attention that they provide and the number of amenities that they offer. When researching different facilities, make sure to tour every area of the facility, including private areas and ask lots of questions of residents and staff.

If you have been considering nursing homes in New London County for your loved one, please take a look at our directory of nursing homes in the New London CT area. Video host Christine Baker, owner of QC Home Care Solutions, work very hard to ensure that the elder community has the resources that they need when making all of life’s difficult choices. You will also find many different articles that explain what to look for when you are looking for a nursing home as well as many articles that give advice and tips on topics that you may find interesting.