Connecticut Retirement Homes

About Connecticut Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are essentially any residence that is designed primarily for seniors to keep living independently as they age, including retirement apartments, board and care homes, and independent living communities. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of continuing care retirement communities as well, places that often offer lavish amenities and a tiered housing options for residents based on their current needs, including single family homes, assisted living, nursing homes, and hospice facilities.

There are many different reasons that seniors tend to move into retirement homes and communities. Some prefer the relative peace and quiet of a close-knit community of their peers, while others are drawn to the security of having guaranteed housing at every stage of life. Still others are drawn to the often vibrant social scene and activities that are found in a retirement community.

Here at The New London CT Eldercare Channel, we hope to help you in your search for the best retirement community for yourself or your loved one. To this end, video host Christine Baker, owner of QC Home Care Solutions, has provided a comprehensive directory listing of retirement homes in the local area that we hope will help you with your search. We also provide many great articles with advice on what to look for when you are thinking about moving to a retirement community as well as other useful information for seniors and caregivers.